Oregon Snowball Fight Gets Out of Hand


[Update: TE Pharaoh Brown (pictured below) has been suspended for the Alamo Bowl over the snowball fight]

With the snow falling in Eugene on Friday, members of Oregon’s football team took to social media to organize an impromptu snowball fight - one that started out harmless but turned ugly later in the day.

Several of the participating students turned to pelting and dumping snow on cars driving down the street. One of the drivers, retired OU professor Sherwin Simmons, stopped his car and got out, only to have snow dumped on him upon opening the door and be pelted by more snowballs.

“I decided maybe if I get out, they’ll see that I’m 60 years old and I’m a human being,” Simmons told the Daily Emerald. “I was disoriented and all I wanted to do was ask why they were doing this and to please stop.”

Simmons is not pressing charges for the incident, attributing it to a mob mentality and expressing confidence that the university administration will handle the incident appropriately.

[Daily Emerald]

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