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Oregon Ducks Auctioning Off ‘Helmet Car’


As of 1:00 PM ET Monday, diehard Oregon football fans have 10 hours to bid on a 1973 VW Bug on top of which sits a massive recreation of a Ducks football helmet.

According to the Oregon Authentic auctioning website, the car has been “a staple at Autzen Stadium for years.” The two seats inside have been designed to resemble footballs, complete with laces on the side and a prominent Nike Swoosh, and the car - license plate: “QB” - is billed as being perfect for game day tailgates and other special events.

There’s one small problem: The car is not currently in running condition and is for display purposes only. Whoever places the winning bid on the car will, in essence, be paying for a very big paper weight.

The only person we can think of as a candidate to buy this car is fictional perfume magnate Dennis Feinstein from “Parks and Recreation.” A man who owns a Rolexus (a Lexus filled with Rolex watches) could definitely find an excuse to buy a nonworking car with a football helmet on top.

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