Oregon Duck, Houston Cougar Mix It Up in ’07 - Lost Lettermen


Oregon Duck, Houston Cougar Mix It Up in ’07


Fights between mascots are a common occurrence at college sporting events, but most of the time it’s staged and all in good fun. What transpired at Autzen Stadium in 2007 between the Oregon Duck and Houston’s cougar mascot Shasta, however, was not one of those times.

Apparently, whoever was dressed in the Duck costume during Oregon’s season-opening, 47–27 win over Houston took exception to Shasta “copying” his post-touchdown, push-ups-for-total-points celebration (something Shasta has actually done for many years). Before anyone had any idea what was going on, the Duck had Shasta on the ground and started throwing punches.

Twelve days later, the Duck received a one-game suspension. Nonetheless, people will always remember him for instigating the best mascot fight in college sports history.

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