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Tech’s Tuberville Asks, Obama Obliges


When Tommy Tuberville speaks, the president acts. Or so it seems.

Tuberville, the head football coach at Texas Tech, appeared in an interview Monday night on FOX News with Sean Hannity, to whom he questioned why Barack Obama had yet to release his birth certificate.

On Tuesday morning, Obama made available the long-form version of his birth certificate to quiet those who believe he was born outside the United State and, therefore, is ineligible to serve as president.

In the interview, Tuberville said that, if Obama came forth with the certificate, it would go a long way toward unifying the nation by ending the unneeded controversy.

“Obviously there’s got to be something on there that he doesn’t want anyone to see,” Tuberville said to Hannity. “I don’t understand it. I’m an American. I don’t understand why we just go through this. I think it just continues to divide the country.”

It’s unlikely Obama even knew about Tuberville’s appearance on Fox News - obviously - but it’s funny that the decision came in the wake of comments by a college football coach. Hey, FOX News had tried everyone else.

CREDIT: FOX NEWS, “HANNITY” by sportsxbrooks

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