One BCS Computer Still Ranks ND No. 1


Apparently, one BCS computer didn’t think college football’s controversial system for deciding who plays for the national title each season is hated enough.

That’s the only reason we can think of to explain why one of the six computers used by the BCS formula, The Colley Matrix, still ranks Notre Dame ahead of Alabama in the final poll despite the Crimson Tide crushing the Irish in Monday night’s title game, 42-14. The Colley Matrix gave Notre Dame a final score of 0.973997 to Alabama’s 0.961139

Yes, both Alabama and Notre Dame finished the season with one loss apiece. But to rank Notre Dame ahead of Alabama after the former lost to the latter by 28 is completely preposterous.

Thankfully, the BCS formula will be abandoned after next season for a four-team college football playoff whose participants will be determined with a new format - at which point we hope this happens to The Colley Matrix.


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