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Recruit Shoots Down Baylor Over Colors


Baylor basketball coach Scott Drew is one of the best recruiters in the country, always hauling in the nation’s best recruits despite little tradition or history of success in Waco, TX.

But even he wasn’t able to overcome the reason SG recruit Archie Goodwin - ranked the 12th best player in the Class of 2012 by - cut the Bears out of his final five schools: Baylor’s school colors.

Yes, you read that correctly. Goodwin will not be attending Baylor because its colors are green and gold.

Said Goodwin to Sync Magazine this week: “Coach Scott Drew is a great guy. I love Coach Drew. They were one of the first schools that were recruiting me. But I didn’t  like that they were an adidas team, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t go to Kansas because Kansas is a great team.  I can look over the adidas thing — I own some adidas stuff. I didn’t like their colors, either. I don’t like green and gold. That’s ugly …. When you got ugly colors like that, you gotta be Nike. …. Baylor has some ugly shoes, too.”

Goodwin apparently really likes blue because on top of home state Arkansas, his college choices have been narrowed to Kansas, Kentucky, Memphis and UConn.

Considering the way college coaches are ignoring all tradition with a plethora of new uniforms they hope will lure recruits, would anyone really be surprised if Baylor changed its school colors next week?

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