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Maryland’s Opener Uniforms Steal Show


While Maryland’s season opener on Monday night vs. Miami (FL) was billed as a great early-season match-up between two ACC rivals, the real story of the game was the uniforms the Terrapins ran onto the field wearing.

The Terps had already raised eyebrows a couple weeks ago when they unleashed a plethora of new outrageous designs that included a turtle-shell helmet with Under Armour that had them looking like the Oregon of the East, but Monday night’s never-before-seen uniforms put all of them to shame.

Maryland had an asymmetrical look with each side of its helmet and the sleeves displaying the two parts of the Maryland state flag: A gold and black checkerboard-like design (the coat of arms of state “founder” George Calvert) and a red and white cross bottony (the coat of arms of the Crossland family, the family of Calvert’s mother).

The unis blew up Twitter and sparked commentary from everyone from ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas to LeBron James.

Tweeted Bilas: “The 1970’s Houston Astros have just released a statement that they would not be caught dead in the new Maryland football uniforms.”

Tweeted James: OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms #Ewwwwww!”

We’re resigned ourselves to the fact recruits will probably love all of these new unis. Call us haters but we’d describe the first round of Maryland’s new uniforms and the ones it wore Monday night as “dumb and dumber.”

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