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UGA’s Awful Combat Unis Revealed


Nike has been busy this college football offseason changing every uniform it could get its hands on (i.e. Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Kentucky) but The Swoosh saved the best - and by best, we mean worst - for last.

Georgia’s Pro Combat Uniforms for its Sept. 3 opener vs. Boise State have been revealed on Nike’s website and the results are terrifying. Nike has replaced one of the best helmets (and uniforms) in college football with an abomination that looks straight out of “Playmakers”: Bright all-red uniforms with a black belt and sleeves combined with a silver helmet and a massive red stripe down the middle.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Just adding to the fiasco, Georgia had planned on giving a first glimpse of the uniforms on its Facebook page Saturday at noon but Nike scooped its own customer and released the unis on its own website.

Judging by the reactions on the Atlanta Journal-Constitutions website (“Those things are UGAlee.”), Bulldog fans aren’t thrilled with the results either.

While the “death penalty” is being discussed for Miami (FL) after massive alleged violations, may we motion for a Nike Pro Combat death sentence as well?


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