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Buckeye Fan Takes O-H-I-O to Grave


It’s a well-known fact that Ohio State fans are among the craziest - if not the craziest - in college football.

Having said that, nothing can prepare you for the image below of Buck Nuts spelling out O-H-I-O with the open casket of a life-long Ohio State fan as the “I.”

80-year old Roy Miracle of Newark, OH, passed away on July 1st and his family and friends decided. So what did his family and friends do? They decided to make him the “permanent I” while spelling out the state’s name with their arms, as is tradition.

The photo is now posted on the university’s official website under the “O-H-I-O” picture section with this message: “Long time fan who was always the ‘I-O’, is forever the permanent “I”. Roy Miracle was shown in an OSU turtle neck that he loved, and holding the position that he loved!”

Based on the web page, the woman directly next to the open casket with a giant smile on her face is Miracle’s daughter, Juli.

We’ve never seen anyone look that overjoyed next to an open casket but being the “permanent I” is probably what many Buckeye fans consider eternal happiness.



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