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Hoke Installs Motivational OSU Sign


Apparently adding two clocks to Schembechler Hall that say “Beat Ohio” on them and count down the days, hours and minutes until The Game on Nov. 26 wasn’t enough for Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke.

He’s now also added a sign that lists the number of days since Michigan last beat Ohio State on Nov. 22, 2003: 2,824. Oddly enough, Hoke again references the Buckeyes as only “Ohio” on the sign, which has become his trademark in the rivalry.

If Michigan is going to end the streak, this is the year to do it. Not only is the game in Ann Arbor, Jim Tressel has resigned, Terrelle Pryor is off to the NFL and the Buckeyes are awaiting a possible postseason ban from the NCAA.

[Dr. Saturday]

Michigan is adding up its Ohio State angst, one day at a time

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