Ole Miss Students ‘Protest’ Obama Victory


Following Barack Obama’s reelection as U.S. President on Tuesday night, upwards of 400 students at Ole Miss gathered to protest. School chancellor Dan Jones said that the demonstrations started with 30–40 people before snowballing in size when word of the disturbance spread over social media.

According to witnesses on the scene, students heckled one another and racial slurs were yelled out in the crowd, in addition to one person lighting an “Obama Biden” sign on fire. Early reports that rocks were being thrown at cars appear to be false.

Police descended quickly upon the scene and broke the throng up. While the whole thing appears to have much more bark than bite, Jones wasted no time in going into damage control.

“The reports of uncivil language and shouted racial epithets appear to be accurate,” he said in a written statement, “and are universally condemned by the university, student leaders and the vast majority of students who are more representative of our university creed.”

Somewhere, Bomani Jones has got to be saying, “I told you so!”

[WARNING: Video has a brief moment of NSFW language]

[The Big Lead | Action News 5]

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