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SG Henderson: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fan


Chronicling the life of Ole Miss shooting guard Marshall Henderson is like an unpredictable soap opera. Who knows what will happen with him next?

The latest example of Henderson making us sit up and say “What the…?” came Tuesday afternoon on his always-entertaining Twitter feed. Rather than expressing excitement for Game Three of the NBA Finals, Henderson was pumped for the ... season four premiere of “Pretty Little Liars.”

We have an idea of how this happened: Henderson was probably with a girl who made him sit through an episode, during which he thought it’d be stupid — only to be hooked immediately (the beautiful actresses don’t hurt, either).

Or perhaps he’s just a teenage girl at heart. This is, after all, the same person who recently caused a stir by offering troubled former teen star Amanda Bynes a helping hand.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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