Ohio State Legend Charged in Shooting


The same tenacity that shaped the legendary Ohio State career of defensive tackle Jim Stillwagon has landed him in hot water in a Delaware, OH, road rage incident.

According to Delaware police, Stillwagon and the driver of a pick-up truck, Richard Mattingly, were engaged in a road rage argument on Sunday after one driver was cut off by the other. Stillwater fired shots at the pick-up truck from his motorcycle on two occasions, the bullets lodging themselves in the truck bed.

When Mattingly pulled off the road, Stillwagon allegedly followed and pistol-whipped him, at which point the gun went off and the bullet grazed Mattingly in the head.

Stillwagon, the 1970 winner of the Outland and Lombardi Awards, is charged with felonious assault. He was booked by local police and taken to jail, which he left Monday afternoon after posting a $350,000 bond. Jim Stillwagon profile

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