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Rogue OSU Fans: Arrest Winston Now


There’s a lot of angst in Columbus these days with Ohio State on a 22-game winning streak but currently ranked No. 4 in the BCS and on the outside looking in at the BCS title game.

Some Buck Nuts have gone so far as to explicitly and implicitly hope for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston to get arrested over sexual assault allegations so that he will be suspended by the Semioles, drastically increasing the chances No. 2 FSU loses one of its final three games.

To be fair, all college football fan bases have a vocal minority that make the rest of the fans look bad - just like the Michigan fans who trashed No. 1 overall recruit Da’Shawn Hand on Twitter when he spurned the Wolverines for Alabama last week. And there will surely be some Baylor fans who echo the sentiment of these rabid Buckeye fans if the No. 3 Bears get by Oklahoma State this weekend.

But it’s always disturbing to see college football fanatics lose such perspective.

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