Ohio State Unveils New Unis for Michigan

When Ohio State goes for its third undefeated regular season in 11 years against Michigan on Saturday, it’ll be outfitted for the occasion.

On Monday night, the Buckeyes unveiled new Nike uniforms during a “Beat Blue” pep rally at the Ohio Union. The biggest changes to the jerseys are larger numbers like the Buckeyes wore in the 1990s. The helmets, meanwhile, get a much more drastic overhaul. The dominant gray has received a new dull chrome finish and massive stripes run down the center of the helmet with a chrome red one in the middle. The face mask is also black instead of gray.

It has become commonplace in recent years for OSU to wear special uniforms against Michigan like in 2009 and 2010, much to the delight of the players.

“I think they are slick,” co-captain and senior LB Etienne Sabino told the Columbus Dispatch. “I think the fans will like them.”

In our case, we like the old-timey jerseys more than we like the futuristic helmet featuring stripes on steroids. Grade: B

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