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Obama Calls UM ‘School Up North’ at OSU


Perhaps still thankful for winning Ohio in November’s presidential election, President Barack Obama delivered a snub of Michigan while giving the commencement address at Ohio State on Sunday.

“It is true that I did speak at that certain university up north a few years ago,” Obama said early in his speech, referring to his giving the commencement address at Michigan in 2010. “But, to be fair, you did let President Ford speak here once and he played football for Michigan. So everybody can get some redemption.”

As to be expected, this small slight overjoyed Buckeyes fans while eliciting a noticeably contrasting reaction from Wolverines supporters.


Ohio State Fans


Michigan Fans

He may have flip-flopped but give Obama credit: At least he didn’t pull a John Kerry and flub the sports joke entirely.

[Big Ten Network]

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