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Wildcats Trying Pregame Nap vs. Huskers


College football coaches are often compared to CEOs. When it came to granting one of his players’ pregame requests, Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald played the part of a daycare center teacher.

The Wildcats’ pregame routine before they host Nebraska on Saturday will include an early breakfast and a 9:30 AM nap at the team’s hotel. “Unbelievable,” Fitzgerald said. “This is what I get paid to do. Seriously. Create nap time. It’s pathetic.”

The idea came about when players suggested that their sluggish start against Boston College on Sept. 15 was the result of the game’s 2:30 PM start clashing with nap time. The Wildcats’ daily routine during the week includes 6:50 AM meetings, practice from 8:50 to 10:30, classes and an early afternoon nap.

Fitzgerald’s implementation of a dizzy bat competition at his team’s spring game showed that he’s an out-of-the-box thinker. When it comes to his latest idea, his players are very much on board.

“Those hotel beds are really comfortable and the pillows are soft,” said quarterback Kain Colter. “(Then) we’ll come down refreshed and ready to kick some butt.”

They better, because if Northwestern’s play is sluggish this time, Fitzgerald won’t want to hear any more excuses.

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