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Notre Dame Gets Flawed New Gloves


If you’re Notre Dame and you’re trying to bring back to your former glory, it’s about doing the little things right. Like making sure all the letters on your new, team motto-inspired gloves are visible.

From his Twitter account @NDFBEquipment, head equipment manager Ryan Grooms shared photos of the new Adidas gloves that the Irish will sport this fall that are similar to Michigan’s new mittens. They feature Notre Dame’s famous motto, “Play Like a Champion Today,” on a gold background.

The idea is a great one. But the execution needs some work.

When the gloves are held up in their “Look at me” pose, the “m” in “Champion” is almost nonexistent because of the gap in the hands. The end result is “Play Like a Chapion Today.”

Great googily-moogily...

[Kegs ‘N Eggs]

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