Notre Dame Football: Maurice Clarett Speaks to Irish Amid Scandal


In a bit of serendipitously ironic timing, former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett spoke to Notre Dame football on Sunday.

Clarett was infamously embroiled in scandal for a chunk of his college career and has since become an inspirational speaker. His presence in South Bend, however, came across as more of a “Scared Straight” seminar than an inspirational talk in light of the program’s current battle with academic fraud allegedly involving four players.

Clarett has since turned his life around but is the same player who once told ESPN The Magazine, “My classes were all independent study, so I’d show up in like the eighth week of the quarter and do something for the last two weeks, and I’d be fine.”

His appearance was likely scheduled before Notre Dame’s issues came to light on Friday, but that doesn’t make the timing any less awkward.

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