Northwestern Football Gets New Uniforms


Northwestern has switched from being outfitted by Adidas to Under Armour, and the company most famous for giving Maryland these abominations has decided to give the Wildcats a makeover that was unveiled on Thursday just in time for Big 10 Media Days.

As you can see from the pictures below, Under Armour is big on the massive stripe that horizontally cuts across the home and away jerseys. Explains Under Armour in the press release:

“The focal point of the jersey is a prominent stripe, a symbol of the University’s football legacy that recognizes the school as the originator of this design element. Known throughout the football community as the “Northwestern Stripe,” this feature will be integrated throughout the entire athletic program, ensuring that each of the 19 sports teams has a unique look but is united by a common thread.”

The traditional Northwestern football helmet will stay the same. While the new uniforms aren’t necessarily a bad look, having a racing stripe right across the middle of the chest isn’t our idea of a fashion upgrade. We know Under Armour spent countless hours figuring out a way to honor Northwestern’s tradition, but this isn’t their best work.

But hey, it could have been worse. A lot worse. Grade: C+

[Northwestern Athletics]



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