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Florida St. LB Gets Bane-Like Face Mask


Florida State linebacker Nick Moody deserves a new nickname: “The East-West Shrine Game’s Reckoning.”

A bit clunky, we’ll admit. But it would be appropriate in light of the Bane-like facemask on Moody’s helmet when he takes the field for the senior showcase at Tropicana Field on Jan. 19.

While crazy face masks have become the rage in college football and the NFL, Moody has taken things to a new level. Moody’s unique look comes courtesy of Bad-Ass Masks (BAM), a Florida-based company that designs custom facemasks “for GRINDERS only!” (whatever that means). BAM admitted in a Thursday afternoon tweet that Bane’s mask in The Dark Knight Rises served as inspiration for what was designed for Moody.

While we hope that Moody leaves a lasting impression on scouts with his Shrine Game performance, we suggest that he not follow Bane’s example as to how to conduct one’s self on a football field.


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