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Noel’s Mom Steals Lottery With Wild Hair


Now we know where former Kentucky center Nerlens Noel got the inspiration for his unique hairstyle.

During ESPN’s broadcast of the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night, the network cut to video of the potential No. 1 overall pick in Birmingham, AL, where he is rehabbing a torn ACL from last season. Sitting to Noel’s left was his mom, Dorcina, who made her son’s Kid ‘n Play-style flat top look tame in comparison to her hairdo.

Dorcina was sporting a spikey, blonde hairdo that looked like a chia head. While the two were only onscreen for a couple moments, the internet definitely took notice:

While the Cleveland Cavaliers earned the No. 1 overall pick, we can safely say Dorcina Noel was the real winner of the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery.

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