New Tennessee DT is 6-Foot-6, 380 Lbs


Texas isn’t the only “UT” in college football where everything is bigger.

After spending 2011 at Georgia Military College, defensive tackle Daniel McCullers transferred to Tennessee for the 2012 season. A four-star Rivals recruit, McCullers stands 6-foot-6 and tips the scales at 380 pounds.

When Reddit user NathanPK posted a photo on Monday of McCullers standing next to one of his new coaches, everyone wanted to weigh in. From how he compared to former Alabama DT Terrence “Mount” Cody to whether he could compete with Joey Chestnut in an eating contest.

There was also football talk, namely whether a player his size could be effective in today’s pass-heavy game.

Curiously absent from the Reddit conversation: How entertaining it would be to see McCullers square off in practice against 6-foot-10, 400-pound offensive lineman recruit Harry Dumervil if the latter ends up committing to the Vols.


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