Shapiro Unveils ‘The U’ Jailhouse Rap


Convicted Ponzi schemer and notorious Miami (FL) booster Nevin Shapiro was a man who desperately craved street cred when he was roaming the sidelines of Hurricanes football games or tooling around South Beach. Little has changed since he was sentenced to 20 years in prison two years ago this month.

For a story in the June 17th issue of Sports Illustrated, writer Alex Wolff visited Shapiro several times at United States Penitentiary, Atlanta. In addition to going into great detail about his involvement in the Miami athletics scandal, Shapiro shared with Wolff a rap about his rise and fall.

“Deuces of the U” was penned two years ago — when Shapiro spent 11 days in protective custody in a Tallahassee prison following his sentencing — by an amateur hip-hop artist with whom Shapiro shared his tale through cracks in their cells’ doors. Below are the ominous and hilarious lines from the rap about Nevin bringing down Miami’s football program with his salacious allegations:

What it is and what it do

Throw up that peace sign and say goodbye to the U

It’s about to be through

Compliments of the Jew

I’ma drag you, NCAA Black Flag you

I wash my hands with your tears

Pres. Shalala, after all these years and all them beers?

My heart won’t veer as we depart right here

My story runs clear

La Kosher Nostra’s unveiling is near

The U’s about to disappear

Even though he’s been behind bars for two years, it appears Shapiro still has the swagger “The U” instilled in him.

[Sports Illustrated]


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