Neuheisel: ESPN Made SEC Dominant


Now an analyst on the Pac-12 Network, former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel spoke with Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News last Thursday on behalf of his new employer. In an effort to build up the Pac-12 and its then one-day old network, Neuheisel attributed the SEC’s dominance to the following.

“You wonder how the SEC became so powerful? It’s a direct correlation to how ESPN has been talking them up over the years, because they have a financial interest in them. So all the sudden, it’s a monster conference.”

Never mind that ESPN is part of a 12-year rights deal worth $3 billion (in partnership with Fox Sports) to broadcast Pac-12 games, as Hoffarth points out.

Or that the majority of the SEC’s marquee games are broadcast on CBS. Or that the increased coverage of the conference stems from their six straight national titles, not the other way around.

With more comments like this, Neuheisel’s television career will fizzle out almost as quickly as his tenure with the Bruins.

[The Big Lead]

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