Nebraska Football: Kenny Bell Turned to Bartending to Pay Utilities


Nebraska senior wide receiver Kenny Bell went from student athlete to student-athlete-bartender last year when the utilities in his apartment were shut off.

Bell, who went a week-and-a-half without power and running water last summer because he hadn’t paid his bills, moonlighted as a bartender at The Bar in Lincoln.

It sometimes required him to work up to 30 hours a week. Compounded with being a full-time college student and a star Huskers wideout, Bell still refused to turn to his mom for money. “What kind of 22-year old man, is like, ‘Hey Mom [I need money]’?” Bell told CBSSports’ Dennis Dodd. “I want to say, ‘I’m a man. I take care of myself.’”

It’s a universal truth that college athletes surpass the 20-hour weekly work limit the NCAA mandates. We can only hope this is another wake-up call for the NCAA to provide the full cost of attendance for athletes without much money.


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