Nebraska Football: Bo Pelini Rips Ole Miss Over Transfer Damore’ea Stringfellow


However close one can come to accusing a program of cheating without actually coming out and saying it, Bo Pelini just went there.

The Nebraska head coach’s target in this case was Ole Miss, who whisked away wide receiver Damore’ea Stringfellow after he originally intended to transfer from Washington to Nebraska.

As to how the Rebels got their hands on Stringfellow, Pelini said to “Read between the lines. I think we all know what happened in that situation.” On top of insinuating foul play by Ole Miss (as opposed to Stringfellow just being a teenager with a naturally erratic brain and decision-making abilities), Pelini took a shot at Stringfellow’s family, adding, “Especially when it’s a clueless parent.”

A pot shot at a school is one thing, but a jab at a kid’s parents? Come on, Bo. Be better than that.

[College Football Talk]

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