ND’s Kelly: No More Post-Loss Singing


As far as Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is concerned, none of his players should be in a singing mood after a loss.

This past weekend, Kelly cleared up a team policy stating that they would not sing the school’s alma mater after a home loss. The issue reared its head on Saturday after some players left the Notre Dame Stadium field immediately after a 35-21 loss to Oklahoma, while others stayed behind to sing.

Kelly didn’t blame some of his players for forgetting about the policy, which was instituted two years ago. As the loss Saturday snapped a 10-game home winning streak, many players simply weren’t used to not singing after a home game of any kind.

“A lot of our players were confused because they hadn’t lost, a lot of them had never lost at home, and they weren’t sure what to do,” Kelly told ESPN’s Matt Fortuna. “I didn’t communicate it to them clearly, what the protocol was, but we changed that protocol two years ago after a loss.”

Some might be quick to call Kelly a sore loser. But when he elaborated on the “no post-loss singing” policy, you could see his rationale.

“I just don’t think it’s appropriate to put your players after a defeat in a situation where they’re exposed,” he told Fortuna. “I want to get them in the locker room. It’s important to talk to them, and I just felt like in those situations, after a loss, there’s a lot of emotions. It’s important to get the team back into the locker room and get them under my guidance.”


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