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ND Fans Need Encouragement to Stand


Notre Dame football may be first in tradition and illustriousness. But these days it’s toward the bottom when it comes to home-field advantage, ranking 105th out of 120 FBS schools according to PredictionMachine.com.

How bad has it gotten at Notre Dame Stadium? Irish AD Jack Swarbick mandated a “Take a StaND” initiative in early September, encouraging fans of all Irish events (but mostly football) to become more participatory.

In a YouTube video published on Thursday by the Irish athletic department, a Notre Dame fan is complaining he can’t see due to the screaming man in front of him. Only when his wife tugs him by the ear does he stand up.

Personally, we think it’s pretty sad when an athletic department has to create videos instructing its fans to stand and cheer.

Hopefully for Notre Dame fans, cheering the team on to victory against No. 18 Michigan will be all the motivation Irish fans need to never sit down this Saturday.


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