NCAA Tournament 2014: Tom Crean Big Ten Network ‘Interview Face’ Turned Into Internet Meme (PHOTOS)


In the two weeks since Tom Crean’s “interview face” during an appearance on the Big Ten Network went viral, a fan on a Wisconsin Badgers message board has taken said face and Photoshopped it into famous moments in history (and some not-so-famous ones) so that Crean is “reacting” to them. They include…

Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs

Shirtless Bret Bielema

The “Not Guilty” Verdict in the O.J. Simpson Trial

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Assassination

Celebrating Bo Ryan’s 100th Win as Wisconsin’s Head Coach

Rather than be mad about the meme collection, all the Hoosiers fans on the Reddit thread loved it.

Touché, Wisconsin.


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