NCAA Clears Duke BB, Sparks Outrage


The NCAA cleared Duke on Tuesday in the Lance Thomas jewelry case in which the former Blue Devils player bought nearly $100,000 of jewelry in 2009 while at Duke from New York City-based Rafaello and Co. that included a $30,000 down payment.

Wrote Laura Keeley of the News & Observer: “Both the jeweler and Thomas refused to speak with the NCAA, making a potential investigation difficult. The NCAA does not have subpoena power and cannot force former student-athletes or third parties to talk. Thomas, now with the New Orleans Hornets, did not return a call for comment.”

Needless to say, that explanation - plus the fact Duke was not punished over the Corey Maggette scandal over a decade ago - led to a harsh backlash against college sports’ governing body on Twitter:

The NCAA and Duke basketball - two institutions people love to hate - just got a little more despised.


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