NCAA Store Selling Bush, JoePa Gear


[Update: NCAA president Mark Emmert said on Thursday it will no longer sell merchandise on its website. Jay Bilas strikes again.]

Former USC running back Reggie Bush and late Penn State head coach Joe Paterno were two of the most well-known recipients of NCAA penalties in the last decade. Yet the NCAA is still profiting off their success as if it were never stricken from the record books.

The NCAA Shop — which received a well-deserved calling out courtesy of ESPN analyst Jay Bilas on Tuesday for allowing player merchandise to be searched by name — lists an autographed photo of Bush during the 2005 Orange Bowl against Oklahoma for $179.95, a win the NCAA later forced the Trojans to vacate.

As for Paterno, the NCAA Shop still has in its catalogue a “400 wins” shirt even though his official win total now stands at 298 following the elimination of 111 of his wins from the books in the wake of the Penn State scandal.

It’s worth noting that both items are currently listed as “out of stock.” Still, at one point both items were “in stock” after the sanctions for both Bush and Paterno were handed down.

The NCAA can’t seemingly go a day without embarrassing itself further.

[Larry Brown Sports | Reddit]

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