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NC State Recruiter Pens Hilarious Letter


Most college football recruiting letters are full of pomp and circumstance and are just very boring. Not those of new NC State director of player personnel Drew Hughes.

Check out the hand-written letter below penned by Hughes and sent to Dexter Wright, a safety from Wilson, NC, that posted it on Instagram. In a hilarious attempt to connect with 17 and 18-year olds, the letter starts off with “WHAT UP Big Time?!!” and includes gems such as, “I LOVE THE WAY YOU BALL!!” and “This place is unreal bro!”

The ending is Hughes’ real masterpiece. It reads:



See what Hughes did there? By the transitive property, NC State needs Wright.

Oh, and this isn’t a one-off letter. This is actually Hughes’ template for recruiting.

While rival coaches will undoubtedly snicker at the amateurish letters, don’t be surprised if this connects with teenagers a lot more than traditional recruiting letters do and NC State ends up with a stellar recruiting class next season.

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