Mutiny Against Leach Brewing at Wazzu?


Normally, a noted pirate enthusiast such as Mike Leach might enjoy a discussion revolving around mutiny - except when he’s on the other end of it.

Just nine games into Leach’s tenure at Washington State, Cougars athletic director Bill Moos is already rushing to the coach’s defense.

“I still have questions whether collectively, we know how to win,” Moos said on Monday. “Football is a tough sport, and you have to have tough players. The way you get players tough is with tough coaches. From my observation, at times we don’t play very tough.”

In the past month, Leach has raised eyebrows first by bashing his seniors for their “zombie-like” performance and “empty-corpse quality” and forcing his starting offensive and defensive linemen to field media questions as a group for their performance in Saturday’s loss at Utah, leading one of them to tears. In addition, senior WR Marquess Wilson was suspended after walking out of a workout on Sunday.

Now there are reports that at halftime of the Utah game, an assistant coach nearly got into an altercation with some of the Wazzu players and that parents are voicing concerns to each other. This comes after Leach was fired at Texas Tech for alleged player abuse.

Leach addressed all the rumors at his weekly news conference on Monday by saying, “Our standards are what our standards are. If somehow the standards don’t appeal to one player or another, that’s pretty irrelevant. They’re either onboard or off, and I can live with it either way.”

Whether or not the Cougars administration can live with him for a second season is another question.

[Seattle Times]

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