Musburger on Webb Poster: ‘She’s a 10!’

You can criticize Brent Musburger all you want for creepily ogling AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb. But one has to give him credit for having a sense of humor about how much the whole thing’s blown up.

The latest instance of this came during Monday night’s Kansas-Iowa State game, which Musburger was calling for ESPN. A Cyclones student fan brought a blow-up of one of Webb’s modeling photos and had Musburger sign it, “She’s a 10!”

Musburger seems to be in his element around college students, as he willingly posed for photos next to blow-ups of himself and Webb at West Virginia in late January.

It looks like Musburger drawing attention to Webb during the BCS National Championship Game is going to go down with “Hail Flutie” as one of his most famous calls ever.

[The Big Lead]

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