MSU Alligator Prank Goes Very Wrong


Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio is known for his gutsy trick plays but he might want to keep his antics to play calling from now on.

That’s because in preparation for Monday’s Outback Bowl, Dantonio pranked his team last Thursday by bringing a live alligator to practice that was supposed to be tackled by a professional alligator trainer dressed in a Michigan State uniform.

The only problem? When the trainer went to tackle the alligator as MSU’s players watched on, he slipped and fell, prompting the alligator to take a bite out of his leg.

“This thing would not let go of his leg,” wide receiver Keith Nicol told the Detroit Free Press. “I knew that wasn’t part of it. I started backing up. I was thinking, I don’t want to anywhere near this thing. This guy can’t control it. I’m not going to be able to, and it’s faster than all of us. I guess I watch too much ‘Animal Planet’ or something. I was freaking myself out.”

Said Dantonio: “We wanted to do something they will remember for the rest of their life. I think they will remember that one.”

The alligator was eventually corralled by the trainer’s partner and the injured trainer was OK.

Maybe for next year’s bowl game Dantonio can seek revenge on the alligator and serve its head to the trainer in a box “Happy Gilmore”-style.

[Detroit Free Press]


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