Morgantown Cracks Down on Couches

First West Virginia students were asked to retire their “West F***** Virginia” t-shirts by athletic director Oliver Luck, now Morgantown is requiring all couches to be removed from porches prior to the huge LSU-West Virginia game this Saturday.

Wrote the Daily Mail: “The abatement effort, which covers much of downtown Morgantown and will be effective Thursday through Monday, requires that residents remove any furniture, construction materials, debris and other combustible materials from porches, balconies or lawns.”

This, of course, is in an effort to eliminate couch fires in case of a West Virginia victory, which is now a felony. Those that don’t follow orders will have their items taken to a city garage and could be hit with a fine of up to $1,000.

While it’s certainly a smart idea by the city, we have a feeling that if the Mountaineers knock off No. 2 LSU on Saturday, we still get the feeling Morgantown might be in ashes come Sunday morning.

[Daily Mail]


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