Mora Blasts Twitter Impostor of Safety

A recent incident involving the UCLA football program proved that it’s not just players’ social media activity that coaches need to be concerned about. They also need to be aware of internet trolls posing as those players.

On Monday, a Twitter user posing as freshman safety Randall Goforth under the since-suspended account @RandallG300 posted a series of trash-talking tweets directed at USC WR Robert Woods.

The real Goforth called the situation “shocking” and added, “I’m just a freshman, I have no reason to be talking.” His reaction was mild compared to what Jim Mora had to say via the LA Times.

“I think it’s a joke that someone would do that. I think they are the lowest form of life. If you portray yourself as 18-year-old young man ... trying to stir it up by attributing comments to him that are not his, I think you ought to go to jail.”

Note to Twitter users: Be careful what you say (if you say anything) about UCLA football. Otherwise Jim Mora will hunt you down…

[Larry Brown Sports]

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