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Farm Creates Missouri & SEC Corn Maze


Between new uniforms and vanity license plates, we already know that Missouri and its fans are excited about jumping from the Big 12 to the SEC.

But the good folks at Shryocks Callaway Farms in Columbia, MO, have taken that excitement to a whole new level with the beginning of college football exactly one month away.

As posted on their website, the farm has designed a corn maze dedicated to Missouri’s conference switch, complete with a tiger holding an SEC sign, a geographic outline of each state in the new 14-team league and the words “A New Era.”

Corn mazes are an annual tradition at Callaway Farms with daily showings to their latest masterpiece.

We have a feeling this is how many Missouri fans are going to spend their August in a buildup to Missouri’s Sept. 1 season opener.

[Callaway Farms]

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