Missouri DT Rips Georgia, Taunts SEC

Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson has an interesting way of introducing himself to new people.

With the Tigers set for their first SEC conference game against No. 6 Georgia on Saturday, Richardson had this to say about the Bulldogs unimpressive 45-23 win over Buffalo last weekend: “I watched that game. I turned it off, too. It’s like watching Big Ten football. It’s old-man football.”

If Richardson is complaining about Georgia running the ball too much, we’d like to remind him there are no style points in victories and that Richardson better back up his talk with a Herculian effort in the trenches this weekend. But Richardon wasn’t done yapping. He also had some dismissive words for the entire Southeastern Conference:

“If we execute, nobody in this league can touch us. Period.”

This is the same league that has won six consecutive BCS titles and has five teams currently ranked in the AP Top 10. The Tigers, meanwhile, are coming off a mediocre 8-5 season in the Big 12 which, while strong, is clearly not as good as the SEC.

We implore Richardson to let his play do the talking until the Tigers prove they can actually hang in their new league.

[Columbia Tribune]

Photo: Matt Kartozian/US Presswire

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