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‘Missing’ Ad Runs for RB Smith’s Helmet


In South Carolina, they’re still finding ways to humorously memorialize Jadeveon Clowney’s legendary de-cleating of Michigan RB Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl.

One of this week’s editions of the Free Times in Columbia features an ad meant to resemble a “Missing” poster. The lost object: Vincent Smith’s helmet, which went flying off his head when Clowney tackled him.

“LAST SEEN: Tampa, FL – 1/1/13,” reads the ad. “If Found, Please Call (734) 647-2583.” (That’s the phone number for Michigan Stadium.)

The ad was run by a bar in South Carolina called Uncle Louie’s, and kudos to them for the creative and humorous idea.

But Smith should keep his chin up. At least this “Missing” ad is less macabre than re-imagining his dislodged helmet as a decapitated head.

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