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Miss State Gets ‘Snow Bowl’ Uniforms


One week after Maryland unveiled its “White Ops” uniforms, Mississippi State has gone for a whiteout look as well by releasing its “Show Bowl” threads to be worn vs. Texas A&M on Nov. 3 to commemorate the 2000 Independence Bowl played between the two teams in a blizzard.

As you can see from the photos below, the Bulldogs will be going for an all-white ensemble like they did for the 2000 contest, with some key differences. First, the white uniforms have grey numbers and stripes on the shoulders to reflect Mississippi State’s new uniform look for this season. Plus, the Bulldogs will donning a white lid with an oversized gray bulldog logo. The regular decal is on the back of the helmet and the Bulldogs will have gray facemasks.

Personally, we love the look. It’s sharp, unique and has a purpose - unlike Maryland’s “white ops” uniforms vs. West Virginia.

The only thing missing now is a snowy day at Davis Wade Stadium on Nov. 3 to complete the look. That’s not very likely in the state of Mississippi, but we can dream. Grade: A-

The Bulldogs also got special uniforms for the rivalry game against Ole Miss, known as the “Egg Bowl.” We’re not nearly as high on these threads with gold lettering that looks¬† like it’s made of a golden ticket from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Grade: C

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