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Mike Rice Sued Over Lost Confidence


If Rutgers thought it had completely washed its hands of ex-men’s basketball coach Mike Rice, it had another thing coming.

Former Scarlet Knights forward Derrick Randall - who has since transferred to Pitt - has filed a lawsuit against Rice, the school, former athletic director Tim Pernetti, former assistant coach James Martelli, current school president Robert Barchi and two other employees for the abuse suffered during Rice’s tenure that resulted in a loss of confidence in his game.

The complaint partially states:

“Coach Rice verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused Derrick through violent screaming, cursing and other humiliation tactics, including the use of homophobic slurs and other shockingly derogatory and discriminatory name calling.

“A photograph of Coach Rice grabbing Derrick by the neck and face on the bench during a game, with Derrick looking completely lost and helpless, speaks volumes, as does the video of such abusive behavior.”

Randall has somewhat rediscovered his confidence with the Panthers. After averaging 2.3 PPG and 2.0 RPG in two seasons at Rutgers, he’s averaging 3.1 PPG and 4.8 RPG this year.


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