Mike Leach to Idaho HC: ‘Hey, F*ck You’


Washington State head coach Mike Leach always speaks his mind and did so again after Saturday’s 42-0 win over Idaho when, after being confronted by Vandals head coach Paul Petrino during the post-game handshake, Leach responded, “Hey, f*ck you.”

Petrino, the younger brother of Western Kentucky head coach Bobby Petrino, was clearly incensed about something, as he continued barking at Leach as he walked off the field. But it’s not clear what the fuss was over. One possibility is the fact Leach put some of his starters back on defense to secure Wazzu’s shut out late in the game, resulting in a goal line stand.

Neither coach provided any insight after the dust-up.

“That would be strictly between he and I, so anything said between us would be private,” Leach said. “So we’ll leave it at that.”

Whatever the case may be, we wouldn’t want to be on The Pirate’s bad side.


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