Mike Leach to Co-Write Book on Geronimo


Washington State head coach and pirate enthusiast Mike Leach has already penned an autobiography, Swing Your Sword, with lessons on “leading the charge in football and life.” Now, the noted history buff is taking on Geronimo.

Leach has partnered with Washington State associate English professor Buddy Levy to write a book on the famous Apache warrior. It will also discuss “general leadership and problem solving skills that spill over into all aspects of management and people.”

“We’re telling the story together,” Levy said. “Leach weighs in throughout the entire process, providing commentary on leadership, community and family.”

Leach says that his fascination with Geronimo started as a child when his mother would read historic books on the Native American leader to him and his siblings at night. Leach probably fancies himself a leader along Geronimo’s lines, although we don’t recall the latter ever having to deal with a potential mutiny like the former recently did.

[WSU News Center]

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