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Miami’s DeQuan Jones Air-Balls Dunk


DeQuan Jones of Miami (FL) put forth an unforgettable attempt during the College Dunk Contest prior to the Final Four that landed as No.1 on SportsCenter’s Not Top 10.

He gave himself a self lob, let it bounce and tried to convert a 360-degree slam. Here’s the problem: Jones took the ball and rammed it into the ground, missing the basket completely.

No one likes to air-ball a dunk - this one was particularly humorous - but we will cut Jones some slack, seeing as though it was just a miscalculation, not a lack of athletic ability, that led to his missed jam.

Another few inches and Jones would have provided a spectacular jam that could have rivaled the one flushed home by champion James Justice, a 5-foot-10 player from NAIA Martin Methodist College.

At least, that’s what Jones keeps telling himself.

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