Miami DE Reports NCAA to Local Police


With the NCAA still applying heat to the Miami (FL) football program, one Hurricanes player whose college eligibility is in question has flipped the script and reported the NCAA to the Coral Gables Police Department.

Defensive end Dyron Dye and his attorney, Darren Heitner, filed an incident report on Friday in which Dye says he was “coerced” by former NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier into providing answers that would provide the NCAA with incriminating evidence in its investigation of Miami athletics.

The following is from an affidavit Dye signed on behalf of former UM assistant coach Aubrey Hill, who has been charged with unethical conduct by the NCAA.

“Johanningmeier continually threatened me if I did [not] comply with him.. I felt intimidated by Mr. Johanningmeier and I was also concerned regarding the possibility of losing my scholarship and athletic eligibility…. I felt compelled to testify in a manner that would be consistent with the manner in which Mr. Johanningmeier was directing me in order to keep my eligibility…. I feel it is unfair the NCAA has twisted my testimony to use it negatively against coach Hill.”

Dye isn’t the first person to take issue with Johanningmeier, who retired in 2012. He and the NCAA were previously sued for defamation by two former Alabama coaches, and Johanningmeier is also accused of knowingly making false claims in an ongoing lawsuit by former Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill.

Things just keep getting uglier for the NCAA enforcement staff.

[Miami Herald]

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