McCarty’s UK Rings Wind Up on eBay


Less than four months after Walter McCarty expressed great appreciation for Kentucky for rewarding him and other members of the 1996 NCAA title-winning team with special UK rings, that ring — as well as the one McCarty received from the NCAA 17 years ago — wound up on eBay.

McCarty’s new ring has a listing price of $5,200, while the older one is going for $3,400. When the story first broke on Monday, there was speculation that McCarty — now 39 and a Boston-based soul and R&B recording artist who released his third album, “Unbreakable,” in November — was in financial trouble.

That’s not the case, according to Brooks Downing, the president of BD Global sports agency.

We hope that Downing is right and there’s no cause for alarm, although “misunderstanding with a family member” sounds dicey. Walter McCarty profile

[The Dagger]

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