McCarron’s GF Surpasses Him on Twitter


Here’s a new nickname we’d like to try on Katherine Webb: “The Face That Launched 100,000 Twitter Followers.”

A bit clunky, we’ll admit, but very descriptive of the waves that AJ McCarron’s girlfriend made when ESPN cameras panned to her in the crowd during Monday’s BCS title game. Before that moment, the former Miss Alabama had a few thousand Twitter followers (no doubt stemming from her introduction to the internet masses over the Christmas break).

With her introduction to a national TV audience, Webb’s Twitter audience swelled exponentially. As of noon ET on Tuesday, she’s now all the way up to over 141,000 followers — approximately 40,000 more than her two-time national champion boyfriend.

McCarron seemed like he was okay with his squeeze’s increased visibility. He did, however, express a little jealousy upon learning that LeBron James was one of her new followers.

“No way,” McCarron said after the game. “I’m going to tweet him and I’m going to get a follow.”

[Orlando Sentinel]

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