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McCarron & Manziel Planning Beach Trip


Neither Alabama QB AJ McCarron nor Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel are letting their duties as quarterbacks for SEC West rivals get in the way of what looks like a budding bromance.

In an interview for a USA Today story that ran on Saturday, McCarron mentioned that the two of them are even planning a beach getaway for the end of May. This certainly explains the following, chummy Twitter exchange between the two from April 18.

“We’re either going to Key West or Cancun and will hang out with our other friends,” McCarron told Laken Litman. “Me and him, we don’t ever let that (football talk) bother us. He’s a good friend of mine, and he’s a funny dude.

“Football is our life, so when we get away, we try to get away and not really bring that in. He’s got all the trash talk on me because he won, so there ain’t much I can talk about.”

Judging by Manziel’s spring break in Cabo, the trip should be plenty crazy. If McCarron and Manziel bring their respective girlfriends, Katherine Webb and Sarah Savage, along for the trip, the internet might explode.

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Photos Credit: John David Mercer/USA Today Sports

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